Read about our Student Ministries

CrossPoint Kids
We believe that there is a great need to teach the Gospel message and Biblical principles to our children. At CrossPoint Baptist Church, your children will learn these truths through fun and interactive Bible Stories that are designed specifically for them. Your children will learn how to apply what God says in His Word, while at the same time having fun singing songs, playing games, and learning God’s Word.
Ignite Ministry
The Ignite Ministry is designed to help teenagers realize that God loves them and has an amazing plan for their life. We want to create a place where teens can come and learn about God and His Word, but also be able to come and fellwoship with other teens. At CrossPoint Baptist, we believe that serving God is fun and exciting. It is this message that we convey to our youth groupp through games, activities, trips, songs, and preaching of God’s Word. Teenagers should be able to come and have fun with friends and also learn how Jesus Christ can change their life forever.