When is Change Good

When Is Change Good?
We live in changing times. Many Christians, churches, and pastors, are changing with the times, rather than taking a stand for biblical sanctification. On the other hand, to never change is to become obsolete and unrelatable. So when is it proper to change?
  • Change should be bathed in prayer.
  • Change should be with the intent of reaching people for Christ and maintaining a proper Christian testimony.
  • Change should be guarded by a proper spirit and intent.
  • Change should never be because of the carnality of mankind.
  • Change should never be away from the Word or Will of God.
  • Change should never be at the hand and risk of compromise.

The Christian life is about change, both in the Christian and in the church. We are by nature sinful, tending to more ungodliness. This often takes the form of rationalizing away biblical boundaries for the sake of convenience. We desperately need to be conforming into His image, as we walk with Him each day. (Rom 8:29)

It is not the Lord’s job to make Himself palatable to His creation, but for us to make His creation according to His righteousness.  Have you been changing in the right direction?
– Pastor Crawford